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Collection: Linear Slot Diffusers & Custom Plenums for HVAC

Commercial grade linear slot diffusers in 1, 2, or 3 slots. Colors available in white, black, and anodized silver. Ships within Canada and USA (2-7 business days after dispatch). Contact us for matching custom plenums.

Our linear slot diffusers are purposefully crafted to meet the demands of architectural projects that prioritize seamless lengths while maintaining optimal air distribution performance. Crafted from extruded aluminum, these HVAC diffusers boast fully adjustable pattern controllers and come in a diverse range of frame styles. Offering a harmonious fusion of engineering precision and architectural allure, our linear slot diffuser is the perfect choice for those seeking both functionality and design sophistication. In stock and ready to ship within Canada and USA.


Linear Slot Diffusers air vent cover collections:

1 Slot (19mm slot width)    1 Slot (25mm slot width)    2 Slots (19mm slot width)    2 Slots (25mm slot width)    3 Slots (19mm slot width)    3 Slots (25mm slot width) 

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