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Collection: Linear Slot Diffuser HVAC Air Vent Covers (3 slots with 19mm wide slot openings) - Triple Slots

Our linear slot diffusers are designed to impart a sleek modern aesthetic to any space. Crafted entirely from extruded aluminum (6063-T5 Grade), these HVAC air vent covers boast resistance to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance. The smooth finish achieved through a durable layer of powder-coated paint adds to their sophisticated appearance. Equipped with a directional system offering a 2-way air flow option, these air vent covers efficiently distribute air while maintaining a stylish look. Functionality merges seamlessly with design as they cleverly conceal air ducts, enhancing both form and function. The weather stripping that is included will ensure a clean and neat look over time as it prevents unsightly ceiling smudging that you often see with other brands. Cleaning these linear slot diffusers is effortless, and with an easy conversion from standard to linear vents using the inner mounting installation method, customization is a breeze.

These triple slot diffusers have slot openings of 19mm. Please refer to their respective size chart for further details. Available colors: Black, White, and Anodized Silver. In stock and ready to ship within Canada and USA.

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