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22" Linear Slot Diffuser HVAC air vent cover - black finish
22" Linear Slot Diffuser HVAC air vent cover - black finish
22" Linear Slot Diffuser HVAC air vent cover - black finish
22" Linear Slot Diffuser HVAC air vent cover - black finish
22" Linear Slot Diffuser HVAC air vent cover comparison
22" Linear Slot Diffuser HVAC air vent cover - black finish
Linear Slot Diffuser installation instructions guide

22" Linear Slot Diffuser HVAC Air Vent Cover (1 Slot with 19mm Slot Opening) - Matte Black Finish (WASD19-1)

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This 22" linear slot diffuser has a beautiful finish in matte black. Our linear slot diffusers are architectural grade made with solid extruded aluminum where durability is a major concern. They are ideal for general air distribution and VAV applications. The 19mm slot width is equipped with adjustable blades for up to a 180° air pattern. Please watch our smoke test video below for air distribution performance. We recommend installation by professionals for this product.


  • Nominal Size: 22” x 1-1/2” (please refer to size diagram below for details)
  • The slot opening is 3/4" inch (19mm) wide
  • Our linear slot diffusers include a weather stripping seal to prevent ceiling smudging caused by some substandard performance air vents with air leakage issues.
  • With a rich powder coated finish, these strong aluminum profiles and reinforced tig-welds are resistant against cracking, chipping, and bent corners. You will definitely be able to tell the difference when you are installing them.
  • Commercial Grade
  • Material: 6063-T5 Grade Extruded Aluminum (This grade of aluminum is commonly known as the architectural alloy. It has a relatively high tensile property with superb finishing characteristics and a high degree of resistance to corrosion.)
  • There are no pre-drilled holes on the surface. Fastening must be done on the inner border sides for an aesthetic appearance. Please note that our slot diffusers do not include fasteners.
  • Finish: Powder coated in matte black
  • Contact us for customizable plenum box options.
  • Ships from Vancouver, Canada. Shipping to USA takes 2-7 business days after dispatch (depends on delivery address).


Performance Data

Flow Rate (CFM)

 Static Pressure (in.wg) Noise Level (NC)




  * Flow rate (CFM) and static pressure (in.wg) are interrelated. It is crucial to know your HVAC system total or static pressure when choosing the proper GRD for optimal performance.


What constitutes commercial grade grilles, registers, and diffusers (GRD)? 

A commercial grade product should have a complete set of technical data that would assist architects, engineers, and HVAC professionals to select the proper products for their projects. A standard commercial product should have the following information:

  • Listed specific material and grade used as the primary composition material
  • Comprehensive product performance data: flow rate, static pressure, noise level and more
  • For project specific enquires regarding our products, please contact our product specialists at +1-604-437-1527.


Additional Details:

  • This product is tested in accordance to:  ADC1062:GRD-84  (ADC1062R4) and ASHRAE 70-2006 “Method of Testing the Performance of Air Outlets and Air Inlets (ANSI approved)”. Our air ventilation products are constantly under research and redevelopment utilizing today’s testing standards and computational fluid dynamics simulation (CFD) energy models.
  • We have been producing quality 1 to 12 slots linear diffusers for the HVAC industry since 1997.


22" Linear Slot Diffuser HVAC air vent cover (black)

Linear slot diffusers 19-1 size chart